MDA’s customized coaching engagements empower and accompany leaders on their journey of self- discovery, performance improvement, and personal fulfillment.

We employ appropriate coaching models based on whether your focus is to empower the individual leader or leaders together with their teams. (No more than five in one coaching group).

With our coaching models, we seek a triangular connection with the strategic needs of the organisation, the goals of the coaching candidate, and the coach’s skills and tools.

Here is a list of coaching areas:

  • Achieving work-life harmony
  • Assertiveness Skills Development
  • Communication Skills For Middle Managers
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Healing Conversations For Managing Conflict
  • Personality Type Assessment
  • Personality and leadership communication
  • Public Speaking & Presentation Skills
  • Leadership Storytelling
  • Servant Leadership
  • Transformational Leadership

Joyful conversations for thriving workplaces

To Access any of our Leadership Conversations clusters let’s…


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Through collaborative communication, we will both agree on the way forward.


Our solutions can involve either or all of consulting, coaching and training

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