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Madonna Doyle & Associates Limited (MDA) provides Joyful Leadership Conversations™ for transforming workplaces. Joyful Leadership Conversations™ are clusters of customised and values-based communications products and services for leaders to manage conflict, improve stakeholder engagement and increase productivity. MDA’s Joyful Leadership Conversations™ are culturally infused and relevant and delivered with integrity, excellence and effectiveness.


Joyful conversations for thriving workplaces

The MDA Story

Madonna Doyle & Associates Ltd (MDA) has been providing communications training, production and consulting to the public and private sectors since 1995.  MDA represents the evolving story of our Principal Consultant Madonna Aurora Sampson-Doyle, who successfully weaves spirituality, business and academia into a communication mandate for personal, organisational, community and national transformation.

Madonna credits her parents for her groundings in and appreciation for faith, multiculturalism and work.   “My father was very eclectic in his music taste so we would hear the sounds of Latin American music, Jazz, Calypso, Parang, East Indian melodies mingled with my mother’s religious hymns, and American Country and Western.  Later my brother and I added reggae and gospel to our music palate.  ‘Hard work never killed anybody.’  This was one of my mother’s favourite expressions as she taught us from an early age to plant a kitchen garden, rear fowls, care for pets along with daily chores”.

Describing those life transformational epochs, Madonna identifies an eight-year period 1992 – 2000 during which she lead almost two hundred young people of a full gospel church. “Without any formal leadership training or even a theoretical construct, my passion was simply to help these young people find meaning and purpose to their lives”. In the course of this journey, Madonna would develop a reputation for transformational leadership that spread beyond the confines of the church community.

A second life transformational epoch was a more recent four-year period, which she describes as a crucible of fiery trials that in her words, “…rocked the foundation of every aspect of my life, except my faith. The details belong in a book or two. Let’s just say ‘failure’ is another name for the death, burial and resurrection journey”.

Madonna Doyle has emerged as a resolute, reflective and resilient transformational leader. “The strands of my personal and professional; corporate and community journey have now been woven together in this company, Madonna Doyle and Associates Limited and our attendant Foundation for Healing Conversations® for deploying communication as a powerful transformative tool and process”.

Our Team

MDA draws on a multidisciplinary team that includes C-Suite leaders; Thought Leaders in Decision Sciences; Specialists in Strategic Communications, Subject Matter Experts in Mediation and Industrial Relations, Human Resources, Integrated Media Communications; and Practitioners in Digital Media, Emotional Intelligence, Financial Consulting and Teambuilding

Madonna Doyle

CEO & Principal Consultant

Samuel S. Sampson, PhD

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