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The Foundation for Healing Conversations

The Foundation for Healing Conversations©  (TFHC) is a non-profit organization registered in 2016 in Trinidad and Tobago (Reg. # C2016110700410) that seeks to adopt Healing Conversations™ to transform communities.

Using a pattern of a multi layered, unique and practical communication approach called a Healing Conversation™, the Foundation for Healing Conversations seeks to mend, restore and transform broken situations between individuals, within families, business organizations and among the diverse groups in societies.

Our Mission & Vision

Our mission

is to Transform Communities Through Healing Conversations

Our vision

is a thriving community of healthy relationships nurtured through communication encounters that seek to mend, restore and transform broken situations.


Our Core Values


We demonstrate an emotional conviction driven by a willingness to see others as God sees them, leaving our comfort zones, and using our resources, to minister to their needs.


We harness our gifts, talents and abilities in obedience to the divine principle that ‘he who would lead must first serve’


We align our words, walk and works towards honest, trustworthy and dependable interactions with all of our stakeholders.



Healing Conversations in Communities
Community of Embacadere

TFHC has embarked on its first community intervention in Embacadere.  This is our most ambitious undertaking to date.

Our focus is to employ creative training methods, equipping beneficiaries with 21st Century skills, and building capacity in the Healing Conversations technique.  Our desired expectation is that:

  • at risk males 17-29 will become assets to their community
  • parents /guardians will be willing and able to guide their charges

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