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Conversation Capsules @ Work


The how-to tool for you!

If you could put your hands on a how-to tool that can ease work-place relationship difficulties, Conversation Capsules @ Work is it.

The author uses a capsule metaphor and works the theme of dosing oneself with energy- giving supplements. Imagery is works well as the book contains bite-sized portions of energy-boosting tips. Conversation Capsules @ Work is a book of quotations specially selected and informed by a trainer / facilitator who has the practical experience of helping individuals and organizations master communication challenges. The book is built around five interpersonal communication competencies: listening, speaking, connecting, modeling behaviour, and mediating conflicts.

Challenge, Inspire, and Equip!

Madonna A. Doyle has shared her own as well as selected quotes that challenge, inspire and equip.

Sections are introduced with work-based anecdotes and principles and end with a mini summary of the techniques and further encouragement. This book adopts the whole-person approach. Communication tips encapsulated in each quote are practical, conceptual, spiritual and motivational. While a book of quotes may feature a disparate amount of themes and subject matters, Conversation Capsules @ Work is a book of quotes with a single focus on inter-personal communication in a business context. While persons may search on-line for communication quotes they will not find in one space, communication quotes in a business context that reflect the five dimensions of interpersonal communication and which simultaneously appeal to the whole person.

While a book of quotes may be drawn from a narrow field of contributors Conversation Capsules @ Work draws from a wide variety of sources including the Author, the Bible, globally respected leaders, and Caribbean icons who are from the fields of business, politics, social activism, the arts, religion, etc. While a book of quotes can be randomly assembled, This book is constructed within the metaphor of having a three-month (sixty work-days) supply of multivitamins.