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Specialist Team Lead

Dr.Sampson drives the research and development activities of Madonna Doyle & Associates and is passionate about data driven decision making for leadership, programme monitoring and evaluation and in helping organisations, researchers and policy makers communicate technical information to their varied stakeholders.

Dr. Sampson has been actively engaged in higher education teaching and research for the past 15 years. He holds a doctorate in Public Policy Analysis from the Nelson Mandela School of Public Policy and International Affairs at Southern University Baton Rouge Louisana. His background is in data analysis and research methodologies, hypothesis testing using parametric and non-parametric tests.

Dr. Sampson is proficient in the use of: SPSS, MS Office, Python, BANNER, SQL, COGNOS, Qualtrics, ArcGIS, Survey Monkey, NVivo, Atlas-Ti, Maestro, PIVOT, and R. Despitehisbrilliantmind and commanding presence, Samuel demurely acknowledges that, “I have ten years increasing responsibilities in collection, compiling, analyzing and disseminating statistical data; preparing databases related to enrollment, retention, graduation, assessment, evaluation, demographics; student outcomes, population, and other related measures.”

His extensive research portfolio consists of those national and organisational development themes of remittances, food insecurity, mentoring, health stressors, wellness, and AIDS/HIV. He is also experienced in evaluating educational programs, designing survey instruments, data visualization, hypothesis testing, and designing both qualitative and quantitative research projects. His research interests include data driven decision making, policy formulation, poverty, education, and statistical modelling.

After all of this research and training, Dr. Sampson keeps his feet on the ground by running and ballroom dancing.

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