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Carol S London
Carol S London

HR Manager NGC TT

"Madonna is certainly a visionary who is guided under the anointing of the Holy Spirit. She sees herself and her company far bigger than it is. I believe she sees MDA as having a missionary assignment to touch God's people in organizations in ways that will bring deep healing and restoration. Her approach seeks to bring change that is sustainable. She is able to do this by using the mentoring approach....... Many daughters have done virtuously, but thou Madonna, you have excelleth the all"

Myrnelle Rago-Bruno
Myrnelle Rago-Bruno

Senior HR Professional, Ministry Tourism, Culture & the Arts

"As a senior HR professional, I unreservedly commend this book, Conversation Capsules @ Work to other HR professionals as it can positively influence behaviours and generate healthy discussions in the workplace. The book is particularly focused on helping young employees acquire interpersonal relationship skills, self-management/awareness, general knowledge and professionalism in the workplace. On a personal note, Conversation Capsules @ Work reminded me of why I do the job and of my personal purpose."