Interpersonal relationships among team leaders, managers, supervisors and other employees can descend into mistrustful, toxic, transactional encounters with increased conflict and reduced productivity.

MDA offers Restorative Leadership Conversations – those communication encounters that seek to manage conflict in ways that make parties appreciate different perspectives; promote understanding; and feel valued, and empowered.

Restorative Leadership Conversations will empower leaders of teams and departments with appropriate communications skills, attitudes and knowledge to:

  • Facilitate, accommodate and embrace diversity in the workplace
  • Manage conflict to achieve win-win outcomes; mutual understanding, and understanding others’ perspectives
  • Tap into their and others’ emotional and spiritual intelligence to nurture relationship harmony in the team and organisation
  • Build a culture of trust
  • Connect work, individuals, teams and the organisation to the grander vision and purpose

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Our solutions can involve either or all of consulting, coaching and training

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